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  1. The effective period of the contract shall be for one year from the date of payment. Unpaid balances over sixty days will void Service Contract until paid in full.  All legal costs, including attorney fees, for delinquent accounts are chargeable and collectible.

  2. If, when due to age or obsolescence, it is no longer practical to continue service, Chester County Fuel Oil, Inc. reserves the right to rescind this contract.

  3. All parts, equipment and/or labor not covered under this contract will be charged to the customer at current rates.

  4. It is the responsibility of the customer to schedule the Annual Maintenance and servicing of their unit(s). Equipment not serviced during the course of the contract year may be subject to additional charges if servicing takes longer than normal.

  5. Chester County Fuel Oil, Inc. shall not be liable for customer failure to use ordinary care in equipment  operation, including but not limited to: changing air filters regularly, blown fuses, failure to turn on emergency switch, thrown circuit breakers, changing of thermostat batteries, failure to schedule annual maintenance, or any other causes unrelated to normal operation. The contract does not cover forces beyond our control, such as floods, fires, lightening, government acts, etc.

  6. Failure to comply with this agreement renders it null and void, nor shall Chester County Fuel Oil, Inc. be required to refund in full or in part any payment for this contract.

  7. Any work recommended by Chester County Fuel Oil, Inc. must be scheduled by the customer and completed in a timely manner. Contract coverage will be suspended until work is completed.

  8. This contract is automatically self-renewing each successive year at the then current rate. 

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